IBM i (AS/400) Connector

No matter how your resources are structured, be it on-shore, off-shore, or a hybrid, having a common approach to your integration strategy reduces time to market, providing value to the business.

Infoview Systems development of the IBM i (AS/400) connector for MuleSoft addresses the necessity for the potential of today’s untapped market. Together with Infoview Systems IBM i (AS/400) Web Transaction Framework, integration on the IBM AS/400 has never been simpler at more than 3x speed. Coupled with Infoviews integration experience, we can assist your staff with Legacy Modernization implementations to remove the obstacles and pitfalls that can arise with integrations.

Web transaction framework features:

  • Service Registry: provides a central repository to define interface configuration, including timeouts and retry strategies.
  • Data Queue processor: included with the framework along with the source code. Implements typical integration use cases, such as request – publish – subscribe, and one-way asynchronous communications.
  • Provided processor and source code examples assist your AS/400 development team to begin delivering working solutions immediately.
  • Tracks common transaction details, such as processing status, start/ end times, along with job details, providing a 360 degree view into communications between AS/400 systems and external applications.

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