Mulesoft Success Story

Strong focus on long-term customer care and team building.

Industry: Retail and Distribution  

Company Size: US based, rapidly expanding

Products: Consumer Goods


Key Factors of Success:

  • Rare combination of skills, architects, and senior developers with hands-on experience in legacy systems, modern tools, and technologies.


  • Allowed customer to focus more on core business capabilities
  • Standardization of non-differentiating commodity processes
  • Increase in IT agility and systems documentation

The Customer

A specialty retailer with plans of rapidly expanding brick and mortar stores into new geographical areas, extensive internal consumer loan and collection arm, and a line of business / ERP system developed in-house on IBM AS/400.

The Challenge

With many in-house developed systems, there was a high level of technical debt, making it difficult to change, enhance, and integrate. No integration strategy resulted in large number of point-to-point interfaces based on variety of technologies, tools, and platforms. Additionally, there was limited documentation on the systems in place.

The Solution

Getting them out of the software business with gradual migration off homegrown components, allowing them to focus on the line of business systems that run core business capabilities. The standardization of non-differentiating commodity processes and systems allowing for an increase in IT agility.

The Design

In the summer of 2013, our legacy modernization team began AS/400 development projects. Over the next two years, we built trust, learned core business processes, helped business and IT in identifying and addressing gaps and pain points.

In the fall of 2013, our integration team was tasked with documenting existing integration solutions and developing the interfaces between e-commerce and back-end AS/400 applications. We designed, sized, procured, and configured the infrastructure / application stack. Our team still “owns” the ecommerce interfaces, providing ongoing support, enhancements, and troubleshooting.

In the winter of 2015, our team built a business case for the Integration platform using MuleSoft stack. We worked with IT leadership on ROI, provided high level reference architecture, sized the solution, and created proof of a concept Mule application. The concept application communicates with AS400 via custom Java components, as well as template AS/400 code that “talks” to Mule.


In the spring of 2015, our customer signs a contract with MuleSoft. Infoviews MuleSoft implementation consultant helped build and manage customers ESB team, provided architecture requirements, and blueprints for first three integration projects.

In the fall of 2015, Infoview released the beta version of Infoview Systems IBM® AS/400® connector for MuleSoft to the customer paired with Infoview Systems AS/400® Web Transaction Framework. Infoviews integration team along with the customers ESB and AS400 development team, delivered the first three integration projects implemented with Mule, the AS/400 connector, and the AS/400 Web Transaction Framework into production.


The professional services team of Infoview’s integration team continued with over 25 MuleSoft integration projects in the customers’ pipeline. This was done in addition to working with IT management on the 2016 Road Map to include implementing the API management platform and consideration using CloudHub for integrating with SaaS providers.

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