Certified connector for MuleSoft and IBM AS/400 simplifies integration 

Together with Infoview Systems IBM AS/400 Web Transaction Framework, integration on the IBM AS/400 has never been simpler

The AS/400 Connector utilizes Data Queues to communicate with external systems.  

The main benefit of using "native" options such as Data Queues is that AS/400 development team does not have to learn another language or purchase and support another technology in order to build the integration layer, and can easily communicate with external systems using only traditional development tools.  

Data queues are native AS/400 objects designed primarily for inter-process communications. They are lightweight persistent queues that support processing by a key, FIFO or LIFO. The majority of integration use cases can be implemented with the pair of request and response Data Queues. Source system places a message to request data queue and waits for acknowledgement message on response data queue. The target system receives and processes a message from the request data queue then places the acknowledgement to the response data queue.