Our Waste Management point of sale solution is designed for use at Transfer Stations, Landfills, Compost Sites, and MRFs to move trucks across scales quickly.

Easily scalable, our solution can be used by commercial or residential facilities. The software connects to electronic scale indicators to automatically capture gross and tare weights. The back office module provides invoicing, reporting and file maintenance capabilities. The application was designed with flexibility in mind to optimize use at a single facility or multiple facilities with several scales. 


  • Weigh in/out multiple items
  • Stored percentages
  • Multi-pass
  • Charge for single fee items and by individual quantity, weight or volume
  • Store tare weights for quick retrieval
  • Set expiration date for stored tare weights
  • Accept multiple boxes and trailers
  • Store the tare weights of boxes and trailers
  • Cash drawer control and connectivity
  • Items can be priced by location, rate table, and/or discount table
  • One item code carries a list price and then optionally a price for each location
  • Customers can be assigned to a rate table and/or discount table
  • Software allows scale operator to track a transaction in the following ways:
    • Origin – Where the material was picked up
    • Hauler – The company that picked up the material
    • Customer – The entity paying for the service
    • Destination – Where the material is going next
  • Reporting is provided through user friendly Crystal Reports viewer
  • POS System can hook directly into other ODBC compliant systems or be used with the back office module as an intermediate system to an existing AR package

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or newer
  • Database: SQL Server Express included