A point of sale solution

Ready-Mix is a point of sale system that handles both concrete and counter sales. Customer orders are processed and delivery receipts/tickets are produced.

Ready-Mix manages multiple shipments against a customer order. Enter the order once and ship from it as many times as desired. You always know the status of each order. Ready-Mix works with your automated batching system and eliminates redundant data entry and potential errors.

Ready-Mix features:

  • Integration with accounting packages
  • Credit memos and returns
  • Flexible report generation
  • Automated batching system connectivity
  • Ticket printing and re-printing
  • Multiple shipment tracking
  • User friendly field valley lookups
  • LAN/WAN ready and web enabled
  • Over the counter sales

System requirements:

1. Operating System: Windows XP or Newer.

2. Database: SQL Server Express Included.