Web Transaction Framework Simplifies AS/400 Integration

Infoviews application ‘Web Transaction Framework’ for the IBM AS/400 provides an integration layer which allows your integration team to work with a common framework.

No matter how your resources are structured, be it on-shore, off-shore, or a hybrid, having a common approach to your integration strategy reduces time to market, providing value to the business.

Web transaction framework features:

  • Service Registry: provides a central repository to define interface configuration, including timeouts and retry strategies.
  • Data Queue processor: included with the framework along with the source code. Implements typical integration use cases, such as request - publish - subscribe, and one-way asynchronous communications.
  • Provided processor and source code examples assist your AS/400 development team to begin delivering working solutions immediately.
  • Tracks common transaction details, such as processing status, start/ end times, along with job details, providing a 360 degree view into communications between AS/400 systems and external applications.

Coupled with Infoviews integration experience, we can assist your staff with implementation to remove the obstacles and pitfalls that can arise with integrations.

Helpful documentation:

A technical overview of the Mulesoft AS/400 Connector and Web Transaction Framework products.