IBM i (AS/400) Services

IBM i (AS/400) legacy modernization and migration strategy, execution and support.

It is an intuitively obvious fact – with constant market pressures most businesses evolve their processes at higher speeds than their underlying applications. Over time, IT systems become significantly misaligned. The fight or flight response saddles companies with a hard choice – abandon the investment and intellectual property accumulated over the years and move to a new system, or significantly refactor the legacy application.

Since 1994, we have been assisting customers, from SMB to large multi-nationals, with developing a strategy and roadmap for their legacy applications, stabilizing and evolving ERPs, while preserving the substantial investment and intellectual property.

For business applications, a database is the foundation. To evolve with the speed of the business it requires a modern, extensible, self-validating and highly performant database. Our partnership with Tembo allows us to provide a comprehensive database migration and operation toolset known as AO Foundation. Minimize risk with a time-proofed methodology for gradually modernizing IBM i data assets.

Service Offerings:

 Modernization strategy ​- We work with your IT and business leadership to assess the current state of legacy applications, identify challenges and pain points, while also developing the strategic vision and execution roadmap.

Database modernization​ – Via the AO family of products our data experts will capture the current state of the database, identify candidates for transitioning to DB2 SQL engine, refactor and normalize the database model, enrich the data relationships with referential integrity, constraints, and triggers as needed.
UI Modernization – W​e work with a variety of technologies, vendors, and architectures to provide responsive web and mobile user experiences for legacy IBM i applications.
Application Development​ – Our cross-functional IBM i delivery team can assist with evolving your application to meet current and future business demands.
Integration​ – We rapidly unlock the value of IBM i data and business logic and present it as easy to consume reusable APIs, utilizing a variety of methodologies and platforms such as Mulesoft’s Anypoint.
Managed Services and Support​ – We can take complete ownership of the specific application or the entire IBM i hardware / software stack, operations, implement or expand the business continuity / high availability solutions, implement automated monitoring and alerting service, and provide ongoing support.  

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