infoConnect for MuleSoft

Designed to reduce the complexities of IBM i to MuleSoft integrations. Infoview’s MuleSoft-certified connector does not require any IBM i knowledge or tooling. Can be leveraged directly from MuleSoft platform, bringing new life to time-tested core systems of record.

infoConnect for MuleSoft

Accelerate IBM i Integrations

Legacy Modernization Made Simple

Certified by MuleSoft, our IBM i (AS/400) connector eliminates the stress and impact of legacy system integration on development teams. This allows clients to:

  1. Prioritize and allocate resources more efficiently
  2. Accelerate the rollout of new channels.
  3. Unlock enterprise-wide customer and product 360 views, while also enabling the ability to streamline operations.
Product infoconnect for mulesoft Legacy Modernization Made Simple
infoconnect-for-mulesoft-Business Always Runs Forward
Reduce integration complexities

Business Always Runs Forward

The modern-day IT delivery gap is forcing companies to adapt or be left behind. Central IT can quickly become overwhelmed, slowing down the speed of business. Onboarding new vendors is time-consuming and not budget-friendly. Legacy system point-to-point integrations may get out of control. Infoview’s IBM i (AS/400) specialists are experts in delivering solutions at scale.

Frequently asked questions

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  • How does the Connector work?

    Via a low-level IBM i library through a low-level socket integration that runs on-premise or CloudHub runtime and works with backend programs through direct call regardless of COBOL or RPG design language.

  • The intent for the creation of the products

    We wanted to provide MuleSoft development teams with an easy way to connect their IBM i based systems to MuleSoft without any special knowledge of IBM i.
  • How is the product priced?

    Pricing is based on the number of physical IBM i servers leveraged, regardless of server type (production, non-production, DR). For additional pricing and subscription information, please reach out to our team.

  • infoConnect vs DB Connectors

    MuleSoft DB Connectors and the infoConnect are complementary: DB connectors work with databases, read tables, update data in tables, insert/deletes data/records, or call stored procedures. The IBM i (AS/400) connector calls programs directly and works with data queues.
  • Compatibility with commercial backend IBM i systems

    The Connector can be used to execute business logic or exchange messages with IBM i based commercial applications.
  • Limitations on the number of MuleSoft environments or IBM i LPARs leveraged with the product? ​

    The Connector can be implemented on-prem or CloudHub and can be implemented in any number of MuleSoft environments, with no restriction on the number of logical partitions.
  • How do we certify connector releases with IBM i OS updates?​

    Each OS update released by IBM is tested internally by our product engineering team to ensure compatibility with the connector. As of today, the connector is compatible with IBM i OS 5.4 and higher.
  • How many transactions can the connector handle? ​

    Many of our customers deal with large peak volumes and process hundreds or thousands of transactions per second leveraging our connector. The throughput of the product depends on several factors including (but not limited to) the MuleSoft application design approach, connection speed between MuleSoft runtimes and the IBM i (AS/400) servers, and the number of connections in the connection pool.
  • What security comes standard with the connector? ​

    The connector supports TLS and SSL encryption as well as standard IBM i user ID
    a. Does not feature HTTP servers on the IBM i
    b. As part of the product certification process, each iteration of the connector is required to undergo security review by MuleSoft

Flexible Proof of Concept Models

subscriptionFor prospects who wish to evaluate our connector solely in-house, designing, and implementing the MuleSoft components and IBM i configuration to their specific use case, a 30-day trial license will be supplied with installation documentation. The Infoview team will be there to answer any questions and assist with configuration or troubleshooting on request. 

DeliveryFor a short period of time (around 40 hours) a consultant can be allocated to review the POC scope, address questions, provide feedback, and participate in the development and testing of the MuleSoft and IBM i components. For this approach, the scope would be small and include 1-2 simplified scenarios working end to end in a non-production environment. 

SupportAfter receiving the required information, the Inofivew product team would recreate a use case within our own sandbox environment and demonstrate it once complete. The aim of this approach is to assist parties who have been interesting in the AS400Gateway for MuleSoft but may not have the time to conduct and allocate in-house resources for the POC process. 


Professional Services

Infoview Ownership and Implementation

Our team would implement the desired use cases including full alignment with your team’s MuleSoft and IBM i development guidelines, best practices, integration architecture review and adoption for IBM i integration, IBM i development and configuration as necessary, as well as go-live support. 

The end result would entail working integrations deployed to production in addition to knowledge transfer sessions with the client team members who would take ownership of the implemented components and integrations. The benefits of this approach would be quick implementation and a solid launch point for future IBM i integration projects. In terms of duration, this would typically last 2-3 months and require a formal SOW depending on complexities and expectations. Additionally, this method would require a commercial connector license by the time the project goes live.  



Inbound Salesforce Order Entry to IBM i (AS/400) using MuleSoft and the infoConnect 


Outbound IBM i (AS/400) Order Update to Salesforce using MuleSoft and the infoConnect

Featured Customer Success Story

Featured Customer Success Story

A Specialty Retailer of durable consumer goods and related services, operating over 100 stores, warehouses, and cross-docks, rapidly expanding into new geographic areas in need of modernizing their legacy ERP system.

Subscription Models, Delivery, and Support

subscriptionProduct pricing is based on the desired term of agreement (one year or three-year) and is not restricted upon the number of IBM i servers, server type (prod, dev, DR), LPAR’s, or middleware environments leveraged with the product license. In addition, we also offer cost-free evaluation licenses as well as proof of concept assistance.

Connector products are available for download on our partner marketplaces but require a license available directly through Infoview Systems. Delivery-infoview


Free of Charge SupportStandard
During the entirety of the subscription term, support will be provided entailing product deployment, error/bug resolution, best practice advice, as well as subsequent product releases
Standard Business Hour SupportPriority
Expedited incident resolution, bug fixes, and small enhancements. Unused support hours can be rolled over for the following month.

Nights and Weekends On Call CoveragePriority 24×7
Support engineer available for incident resolution during standard business hours and on-call rotations for all nights/weekends/holidays. Unused support hours are rolled over to the following month.
Fully Dedicated 24×7 CoverageDedicated 24×7
A dedicated support engineer is online and ready to jump in at any point in time, day or night. Time outside incident resolution can be used for any additional project work.

Professional-ServicesAvailable for product implementation, POC guidance, as well as system integration.

A Unique Blend of IBM i (AS/400) and MuleSoft Expertise

With MuleSoft and IBM i (AS/400) expertise on the same team, we eliminate any disconnect or loss in translation between development team members. This allows leadership to work within the same project team and helps avoid the pitfalls of two teams with two separate design languages.

Connector Features

Designed to accelerate IBM i (AS/400) integrations with other components, our MuleSoft certified connector makes it easy to call IBM i programs, pass parameters and get the response directly from MuleSoft flows. Key connector features include:

  • Command, program, and service program calls
  • Data Queue operations (Listen, Read, Peek, and write) to support bi-directional event-driven integration use cases
  • TLS/SSL support
  • External structure for Data Queue read and write
  • Connection timeout, keep alive, and retry
  • Standard reconnection strategy and notifications in case of connection failed events
infoconnect-for-mulesoft-Connector Features
infoconnect-for-mulesoft-releases and version

What is the plan for new releases and version updates?

Infoview Systems is constantly reviewing the functionality associated with the IBM i infoConnect suite of products, and we encourage feedback from our customers about new and updated functionality for the products that will improve customer experience.

Moving into 2022, we plan to continuously grow and evolve our IBM i and MuleSoft practice for more optimized connectivity and expanded compatibility with more service platforms on demand.

Helpful documentation and demonstration examples

User Manual

User Manual

Release Notes

Release Notes

API Documents

API Documents

License Agreement

License Agreement

End User License

Managed Services and Support​

Demo AS 400

Demo: IBM i (AS/400) Command Calls

Product Support

Product Support & Maintenance Terms​

Connector Overview

Anypoint Exchange​

Helpful Demo documentation

Process Calls External Function

Demo – IBM i (AS/400) Process Calls External Function

Demo External Process Calls AS 400

Demo – External Process Calls IBM i (AS/400)

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