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Global Order Integration

Maximizing reuse and self-service while accelerating market and channel onboarding



Company Size



Health, home, and hygiene

Key Factors of Success
  • infoConnect for MuleSoft
  • The unique combination of legacy and modern platforms
  • MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Platform
  • Accelerated market and channel onboarding.
  • Faster project delivery
  • Lower project costs
  • Increased levels of reusability

The Customer

A leading multinational health, home, post-natal, and hygiene products company with global manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment operations. Efficient and consistent order entry and fulfillment is a key business capability and success factor.

Case Studies The Customer
Case Studies The Challenge

The Challenge

Complex order management processes spanning over a large number of order channels, source applications and ERP’s in multiple countries. Over time, the customer’s IT and vendor teams developed a large number of country and channel specific point to point integrations. The resulting tight coupling and redundant management overhead led to an increase in operating costs causing difficulties when onboarding new channels and distributors. In addition, both governance and operational efficiency were limited. As the number of channels and fulfillment options grew, the problem became more and more evident.

Additionally, the customer operated many markets on JDE World – IBM i (AS/400) ERP. With no out of the box order entry and status capture plug-in available, each system is heavily customized for each country.

The Solution

Infoview Systems professional services team developed a unified global order integration solution based on the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform. The new solution decouples channel applications from order fulfillment systems. It maximizes reuse and self-service while accelerating the time of both market and channel

Case Studies The Solution
Case Studies Results


The multitude of ad-hoc point to point integrations were replaced with a unified, flexible and secure global order integration solution. The onboarding of new channels is now only taking weeks. Enabling new markets within those existing channels can be achieved in days. The Process API layer exposes common channel and endpoint capabilities, as well as data models in a system-agnostic formats. This hides the complexity of integrating with JDE and other order fulfillment systems. The solution can easily be extended to support new channel or market specific requirements without the need to rebuild the entire integration. IBM i (AS/400) integration components support most market specific JDE customizations and enable near real time event-based integrations at a fraction of the cost of established CDC tools.


The professional services team of Infoview’s integration team continued with over 25 MuleSoft integration projects in the customers’ pipeline. This was done in addition to working with IT management on the 2016 Road Map to include implementing the API management platform and considering using CloudHub for integrating with SaaS providers.

Case Studies Conclusions

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