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Cloud based applications

Mobile devices


Network servers


 Integration On-Premise and in the Cloud 

One of the biggest challenges of modern IT is a massive IT delivery gap due to disruptive market forces and growing business demands. The emerging application model favors a network of agile systems that address specific business capabilities, can evolve rapidly and independent of other components, communicating through a common integration fabric. The resulting Application Network promotes reuse, enables line of business and partner teams to deliver their own projects, while maintaining proper governance and security.

We are the Mulesoft go-to technology partner for IBM i (AS400) and mainframe connectivity, and work with a number of other integration platforms and frameworks to deliver solutions best suited to our customers needs. We created the Certified MuleSoft AS400 connector and Web Transaction Framework tools which accelerate unlocking the data and processes on legacy systems.


IBM i (AS/400) Database and Application Modernization

Since 1994 we have been assisting customers, from SMB to large multi-nationals, with developing a strategy and roadmap for their legacy applications, stabilizing and evolving ERPs, while preserving the substantial investment and intellectual property.

For business applications, a database is the foundation. To evolve with the speed of the business it requires a modern, extensible, self-validating and highly performant database. 

Our partnership with Tembo allows us to provide a comprehensive database migration and operation toolset AO Foundation. Minimize risk with a time-proofed methodology for gradually modernizing IBM i data assets.


Cloud and On-premises Infrastructure and Support Solutions

While disruptive technology opens new markets, the long term business success is dependent on the ability to deliver new products and experiences with ever improving value while maintaining service continuity.

We design, implement and support resilient cost effective cloud and on-prem infrastructure solutions that sustain the pace of innovation.