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infoConnect IBM i Integration Products

A suite of lightweight integration tools enabling hassle free IBM i to external system integrations backed by a cross-platform team of MuleSoft, Kafka, Azure, Java, AWS, and IBM i professionals.

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Infoview turns 30!

Take a look back at some of our favorite memories over the past three decades

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Eliminating the complexities of legacy system modernization

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Execute IBM i business logic and implement event-driven solutions seamlessly from MuleSoft, Kafka, and AWS environments without requiring specialized IBM i expertise.

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Capture IBM i data changes in near real-time and stream to Kafka, Mulesoft, AWS, or any other integration and cloud platforms without any custom IBM i development.

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Customized and personalized approach

We are a highly efficient cross-disciplinary services team trusted by companies ranging from
small mom-and-pop shops in Metro Detroit area to Global 100.

MuleSoft and Confluent IntegrationCrafted around real-world best practices, our integration strategies are backed by global development teams with unique expertise in both legacy and modern platforms. Through partnerships with leading integration providers like MuleSoft and Confluent, we help small to mid-market and global enterprises unlock the connectivity of their core components, enabling new business capabilities and easing the burden on development teams.

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formerly known as AS400 and iSeriesLeveraged globally, the IBM i (AS/400) serves as a core system of record for over 20,000 organizations and is secure, stable, and has a low TCO. With the IBM i (formerly known as (AS/400) and iSeries) workforce decreasing each year, our team offers flexible and personalized modernization, integration, migration, support/administration services and products to help client teams run, integrate, and evolve their legacy systems.

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support for cloud-based environments for small and medium businessesEnd-to-end cloud solutions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Confluent Kafka. We provide design, implementation, and support for cloud-based environments.

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Providing end to end solutions including server maintenanceWe offer a combination of in-house and remote support services helping alleviate the stressors related to IT management. Providing end to end solutions including server maintenance, security and cloud-based services to transition your company for your next phase of growth, assisting your in-house team.

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Our Partners

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Success Stories

Explore in-depth analyses of significant projects while discovering how Infoview’s professional services team achieved successful outcomes and facilitated key business activities.

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Mulesoft Success Story Icon

Mulesoft Success Story

A specialty retailer with plans of rapidly expanding brick and mortar stores into new geographical areas, extensive internal consumer loan and collection arm, and..,
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Production Scheduling Optimization

A British multinational producer of health, home, and nutrition products running and operating several large production facilities. The customer’s products are sold and distributed through a variety..,
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Global Order Integration Icon

Global Order Integration

A leading multinational health, home, post-natal, and hygiene products company with global manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment operations. Efficient and..,
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Unlocking Data and Processes Icon

Unlocking Data and Processes

A Specialty Retailer of durable consumer goods and related services, operating over 100 stores, warehouses and cross-docks, rapidly expanding into new geographic areas ..,
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The Importance of Process Automation for IBM i Integrations

The Importance of Process Automation for IBM i Integrations

Businesses are continually seeking out new ways to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve overall performance. One of the most effective strategies to achieve these goals is through process automation. For organizations utilizing the IBM...

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Why Companies Still Rely on the IBM i Platform

Why Companies Still Rely on the IBM i Platform

Formerly referred to as the AS/400 and iSeries, and now known as the IBM i, this core system is truly more than meets the eye, has been in use for several decades, and continues to be utilized by teams globally for mission critical processes including ERP,...

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What is Change Data Capture (CDC)?

What is Change Data Capture (CDC)?

The term CDC, short for Change Data Capture, is nothing new to those with a background in the IBM i development field and is often grouped into one of the many approaches or styles of system integrations including APIs, event streams, and process automation....

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