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Our Process

Since 1994, Infoview has been creating individualized solutions for client teams of all sizes. This has given us the opportunity to apply past knowledge and best practices from previous engagements to future projects. Our processes focus around understanding the problem, creating a tailored solution, alignment with organizational goals, and forming the foundation for future success.

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Assessing the current application landscape


Recognizing there’s no “one size fits all approach” is a key insight we’ve learned working with client teams across the globe. Allocatable budget, time-sensitive requirements, and internal competency play a key role in the final solution we create.

Identifying the need, requirements, and allocated budget


Before constructing an integration solution, it’s important to establish the principles and constraints, security and governance requirements, and integration practice maturity road maps. This provides us with the important details needed when executing each phase of a project’s scope.

Creating the blueprints


When creating integration blueprints, joint design sessions are used to capture details of the API requirements, along with the creation of end-to-end interface mapping. This ensures all requirements are met, desired functionality is implemented, and the current pain points are resolved.

Providing a stable, secure, and proofed solution


To keep up with time-sensitive requirements and the fast-paced world, our team provides detailed timelines laying out key deliverables.

The transition from a Dev to a Prod

Quality Assurance

When implementing the final solution, our team supports the integration assets and the underlying infrastructure components. This provides a smooth transition from a test to a productive state.

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Establishing best practices for future success

Organizational Enablement

Creating the foundations for future success is something we take great pride in.

This is done in two ways:

  • Creating flexible applications that can be updated, expanded, and adjusted to best suit current and future goals.
  • Additionally, building or training the clients’ internal team to develop and support the current activities of the program.

Strive for innovation

Initial contact

Initiate your journey by exploring our refined methodology and the services we offer. Contact us to share your business goals and needs.

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