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Common Europe Congress 2024

Europe’s premier conference for IBM Power, IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power solutions.

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COMMON Europe congress-Milan-Italy

Reconnecting with the Future of Tech

It was refreshing to see familiar faces and new ones too, especially the enthusiastic group of students from Austria. Their keen interest in IBMi technology gives us hope for innovative breakthroughs in the field.

AI Dominates the Scene

The trend was clear—AI is taking center stage in technological advancements. Its presence was felt in every discussion, demonstrating its growing impact across various sectors.

COMMON Europe Congress-Networking and Opportunities
COMMON Europe Congress-Inspiring Sessions and Speakers

Inspiring Sessions and Speakers

Among the standout sessions was “Add Some Taste to Your Tests” by Pascal Polverini from Polverini and Partners. This session provided insightful techniques on enhancing software testing processes, a must-attend for tech professionals aiming to refine their skills.

The Beloved Dinos Make a Return

Our booth, adorned with our signature Dinos, was a crowd-puller, echoing the fun and unique vibe we brought to last year’s event in Prague. The Dinos not only drew attention but also sparked engaging conversations about our products and services.

COMMON Europe Congress-The Beloved Dinos Make a Return
COMMON Europe Congress-Networking and Opportunities

Networking and Opportunities

The conference proved to be an excellent platform for networking. We engaged in meaningful discussions with participants, which opened up several opportunities for potential partnerships and collaborations.

Team Bonding in Scenic Settings

Prior to the conference, we spent a rejuvenating weekend at Lake Como. The team enjoyed hiking and bonding amidst breathtaking landscapes, setting a positive tone for the busy week ahead.

COMMON Europe Congress-Team Bonding in Scenic Settings
COMMON Europe Congress-A Foodie's Paradise at Eataly

A Foodie’s Paradise at Eataly

Our culinary highlight was undoubtedly Eataly. This bustling marketplace is a haven for food lovers, featuring an array of high-quality Italian foods. We loved sampling different regional specialties, and it was impossible to resist buying some gourmet treats to take home.

Favorite Dining Spot

While Milan is filled with fantastic dining options, Theorema Ristorante Pizzeria stood out as our go-to spot for both food and drinks. The vibrant atmosphere and delicious offerings made it the perfect place to relax and reflect on the day’s learnings.

COMMON Europe Congress-Favorite Dining Spot
COMMON Europe Congress-Exploring Local Culture

Exploring Local Culture

Beyond the food, Milan’s rich cultural tapestry was on full display. We soaked in the city’s dynamic blend of modernity and tradition, making our trip not just a professional success but a personal delight as well.

Maciej Dul

– IBM i RPG Developer

At Common, I chose to focus exclusively on topics pertinent to my field—namely, the integration and modernization of IBM i/RPG systems and their intersection with contemporary software tools and languages.

The sessions I attended each day, though limited to one to three, were intensely engaging. They highlighted innovative applications and integrations that breathe new life into what many might consider the ‘outdated world’ of IBM i. One standout realization from the conference was how seamlessly IBM i can be integrated with modern technologies. It’s fascinating to discover that building a mobile application for Android or Apple platforms can still efficiently sync with a robust, secure, and pre-existing IBM i database.

This intersection of old and new IT worlds isn’t just technically fascinating; it’s practically vital. In an era where the IT sector burgeons with professionals of varying expertise and understanding, bridging knowledge gaps is crucial. It’s especially beneficial to grasp external perspectives—those outside the IBM i sphere—to better communicate with analysts, managers, and other IT personnel who might not share the same technical background.

A lighter, yet telling moment came when discussing performance issues with SQL queries laden with dependencies. The humor shared among peers when someone expects swift results from such a loaded query reflects a common understanding of the underlying complexities we often face in IT.

This conference has reinforced a crucial narrative: modernizing traditional systems like IBM i with innovative tools not only enhances functionality but also broadens our scope of understanding and cooperation in the diverse world of IT.

Maciej Dul-IBM i RPG Developer

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