MuleSoft Webinar on Future Proofing AS400

Event Date: 14th Nov, 2023
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Our most recent webinar, “Future Proofing AS400”, in partnership with MuleSoft was a success! We are excited to share a high-level overview of the topics discussed.

Members of the MuleSoft and Infoview team dived into operations of MuleSoft’s AnyPoint platform paired with the capabilities of our IBM i integration product suite, infoConnect for MuleSoft.

The session began with an insight into Infoview’s integration, modernization, and customer success journey, as well as how it got us to where we are today where connecting on-prem IBM i based systems to cloud technologies is at the forefront.

There are many ideas, methodologies, and processes modernization can entail. Before jumping into the most common modernization paths IBM i centric teams take, we first started with a note on how the foundation of modernization starts with an understanding of business expectations at an applicational level:

  • Real-time functionality
  • Bi-directional capability
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Reusability

When addressing the most common legacy integration challenges, we acknowledge that these applications were developed with a specific purpose in mind, often leading to complexities in interactions with the modern world.

MuleSoft Webinar on Future Proofing AS400 introduction screen
MuleSoft Webinar on Future Proofing AS400 introduction screen2

IBM i centric teams often approach modernization in three ways: Fight, flight, and freeze. These strategies are not mutually exclusive, can be executed in conjunction, and often do not live in isolation.

  • Fight: Involves modernizing directly on the platform, incorporating upgrades to on-prem hardware, new interfaces, or real-time integration with databases.
  • Flight: Encompasses migrating away from the on-prem platform to the cloud. It’s crucial to note that transitioning core business processes from As400 or IBM I to the cloud is a gradual process, requiring time, resources, and meticulous planning. Integrations play a pivotal role in supporting data transfer during this transition.
  • Freeze: Entails maintaining the As400 logic on-premises with minimal alterations, while opening up on-prem systems to external communications. This could involve leveraging middleware platforms or API management tools.

In summary, integration will play a crucial role in the success of an IBM i modernization initiative. As we navigate this path, let’s continue to explore innovative solutions and overcome challenges together.

We had the opportunity to demo our IBM i integration components for MuleSoft revolving around an inbound and outbound integration use case leveraging API’s, event streams, and process automation.

MuleSoft Webinar on Future Proofing AS400 introduction screen3

Below you will find a handful of applicable links pertaining to our MuleSoft connector and how to get in touch with our team!

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