Invoice and Report Generation

Implementing a unified, flexible, and secure integration platform to support a client’s operational alignment with regulatory compliances


Medical case management

Company Size



Medical cost containment, disability management services, and property/casualty results

Key Factors of Success
  • Infoview team’s unique blend of IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) and MuleSoft expertise
  • Infoview’s infoConnect for MuleSoft
  • Complex time sensitive projects completed on-time delivering desired results
  • Implement a unified, flexible, and secure integration platform allowing IBM i based data to be streamed to external applications
  • Supporting customer alignment with the latest mandated regulatory compliance requirements
  • Infoview’s development services concentrated on defined tasks, allowing the customers in-house IT team to focus on other time sensitive initiatives

The Customer

A premier provider of services, engaging with customers to evaluate charges related to patient services, confirming approved services and related allowable charges, with a client base of public and private self-insureds, third-party administrators, and insurance companies. The company has a proven performance record of outstanding results and excellent customer service, which means there is a lot to live up to.

Case Studies The Customer
Case Studies The Challenge

The Challenge

The customer operates most of their business processes on an IBM i (AS/400) based system, key business applications have been developed in-house over more than 20 years. The IT support staff is a small and experienced group, but running a lean IT department means supporting projects beyond day-to-day operations can be a challenge, ultimately the project pipeline grew beyond the capacity of the in-house team. Additionally, mandated time-sensitive legislative changes introduced a greater sense of urgency, and the IT team was in a crunchRecognizing the project load and mandated delivery schedulewere beyond the capacity of the in-house IT team, it became clear there was a need to engage with an experienced partner with a strong background in IBM i related development, integration platform implementationsand success in integrating IBM i  to external applications. 

The Solution

Infoview allocated dedicated team of cross-platform specialists with IBM i and MuleSoft expertise to work with the client’s internal IT department to address high-priority integration, modernization, and break/fix support tasks. Infoview’s team took ownership of the customer’s IBM i-based development projects and MuleSoft platform implementation, built a solid foundation that addresses the current projects in the pipeline, while also enabling re-usable solutions and accelerated delivery for the future integration requirementsAdditionally, the client leveraged Infoview’s infoConnect for MuleSoft, a plugin that enables bi-directional connectivity between the IBM i and MuleSoft, allowing information to easily be integrated between the clients IBM i and external applications.

Case Studies The Solution
unlockibmi-Stream IBM i business events

The Approach

The Infoview team was initially tasked with addressing the backlog of IBM i development projects as directed by the client’s leadership team. This allowed for high–priority tasks to be accomplished first while also giving the Infoview team members time to acclimate to the client’s IT environment. As the relationship between Infoview and the client grew, our team was able to holistically assess the customer’s needs and pain points, and advise on the platform and process improvements, including the introduction of the integration platform to manage and accelerate various data, flows between the client’s IBM i applications and their partners, vendors, and customers.


Due to Infoview’s cross-platform expertise in the area of MuleSoft and IBM iour team was able to simultaneously address the projects and make advancements in solving the client’s need to integrate with external systems, improving throughput and saving valuable time.  By successfully integrating the client’s IBM i  based informationInfoview was able to address priority projects such as the automated invoice reportextracting data from the IBM i, and automating the generation of excel spreadsheets that are shared directly with the end customerInfoview was able to successfully support the customer’s IBM i integrations with external systems and support integrations with other systems and applications and open up the possibilities to future advancements in their processes with the addition of the infoConnect to their applications toolset. 

Case Studies Results
Case Studies Conclusions


Infoview’s MuleSoft and IBM i professionals were the perfect fit for this project. They were able to implement years of experience to quickly and efficiently complete all desired tasks in the client’s pipeline. The client was left with flexible applications that were built for future use, along with being caught up on all current objectives, helping alleviate their in-house team. 

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