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Infoview System’s newest suite of enterprise grade connectors enable complete integration solutions between the Confluent Apache Kafka ecosystem and the IBM i (previously known as AS/400 or iSeries). The product suite includes three connectors that support both Avro and JSON format: 

  • IBM i (AS/400) Data Queue Source Connector – Reads data from the IBM i Data Queue and publishes to Kafka Topic. The connector also polls data periodically from IBM i (AS/400) data queue and writes to Kafka Topic. 
  • IBM i (AS/400) Data Queue Sink Connector – Reads the data from Kafka Topic and publishes it to the IBM i data queue by guaranteeing exactly-once delivery. This Sink connector periodically polls the data from Kafka Topic and publishes it to the IBM i data queue.  
  • IBM i (AS/400) Program Call Sink Connector – The IBM i (AS/400) Program Call Sink Connector is enriched functionality of the Data Queue Sink Connector. It polls the data periodically from Kafka Topic, writes it to the IBM i data queue, and calls IBM i Programs. It has the capability of mapping the program call parameters with the Kafka Topic data objects. After program call output is sent back to another output Kafka Topic 

Supported by these three connectors, integrations can be achieved between the IBM i and other systems such as SAP, SalesForce, or an external database 

 Common integration and streaming use cases of the Kafka Connectors:

  • Extract the data from data queue periodically and send to other systems with data format conversions. 
  • Stream IBM i data changes to external systems in near real time 
  • Call IBM i business logic from Kafka Ecosystems with the program Call Parameter mapping and send the output back to other systems with the help of the IBM i (AS/400) Data Queue Sink Connector.   


Connector delivery and support 

The Kafka Connector requires a subscription-based license to run and is also available for a cost-free trial evaluation. For sales inquiries, support, or additional product information, please contact Infoview Systems directly here.

About Infoview Systems 

We are the Confluent go-to technology partners for IBM i integrations and connector certifications. Our highly efficient professional services team has a strong focus on customer business outcomes, long-term care, and leverages a unique combination of legacy and modern platforms. 

 Core Areas of Focus:

 Transformation Strategy: Our team works with your IT and business leadership to assess the current application landscape, together we align the future state with the business vision and develop the road map. 

 Center for Innovation: Accelerate knowledge sharing and promote asset reuse. 

 Architecture: Our solution architects work with business, IT teams, partners, and vendors to define the best technical solution, and produce technical blueprints. 

 Implementation: Connect back-end systems to produce and consume API’s on the IBM i with our integration products and industry leading platforms 

 Support: Improve business availability, reduce operation costs, and streamline DevOps with our flexible support models.  

 For additional information on our products, team, and unique expertise, please visit us at