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How to debug IBM i Program called from Mule

In the previous post we wrapped an IBM i business logic program into an easy to consume API with Mulesoft Anypoint platform and IBM i Connector. Took just under 15 minutes to build and works like a charm at the first try. Right… in real life there are quite a few things that could go wrong with remote program call. Most commonly the issues are caused by the incorrect parameter definitions, where parameter mode, data type or length or sequence mismatch cause the program to bomb.  The connector logs the exception and the trace, however in some cases it’s really useful to take a look at what’s going on during program execution. In this article, contributed by Vivek Gupta, we show how to debug IBM i program called from Mule API. Vivek is one of very few people in the whole world (and most of them are on our team!) who develops both Mulesoft and IBM i components for the same project.

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