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We are happy to announce the release of the next version of IBM i (AS/400) connector for MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

Version 2.2.0 makes it easier to reference the trust stores with IBM i certificates using standard MuleSoft TLS context. In addition, it includes the upgrade of the underlying IBM Java SDK (jt400) to v10.3. That upgrade includes a fix for a program call operation where the maximum number of parameters the connector accepts was capped at 35 for OS 7.3 and higher.

Prior to this release, in order to establish secure connection with the IBM i servers, the location of the trust store with server certificates had to be passed to the runtime via JVM parameters, as explained in this article.

The latest IBM i (AS/400) connector for Mulesoft allows developers to leverage the standard TLS context. Below are more details on TLS configuration steps:

  1. If not already completed, define the trusted or self-signed certificate on IBMi and export into a trust store as explained in this article
  2. Import the trust store file to the application /src/main/resources folder (or a subfolder under resources)
  3. On the IBM i (AS/400) connector configuration window, go to the Security tab and define a path to the Trust Store configuration and the store password

infoConnect connector for mulesoft tls setup


And that should be it! Hope this makes a developer life just a bit easier. If you would like to see any new features added to the connector or have any other questions or requests please contact us at mule400@infoviewsystems.com or call 734-293-2160.