After many months of hard work, we are happy to announce the general availability release of infoCDC!

In the modern world customers and internal business, teams demand near-instantaneous experiences. Companies operating on legacy IBM i (formerly known as AS/400, iSeries) based core systems of record often find it challenging to implement responsive event-driven integration solutions.

infoCDC is a lightweight simple to implement Change Data Capture (CDC) tool that companies can use to detect and stream relevant data changes from their IBM i  applications without any custom IBM i development required. CDC solutions currently available on IBM i platform typically require extensive planning and implementation, and specialized skills, and are rather heavy and expensive to operate. infoCDC is designed to be an intuitive, lightweight solution that provides the core data integration capabilities at a fraction of the cost of competing products

Below are some examples where real-time replication flows deliver better customer experiences or improve the process quality and operational efficiency:

  • send order fulfillment status changes from the IBM i ERP or WMS system to the CRM, eCommerce or third-party partners
  • propagate product details from IBM i based ERP to external MDM and PIM solutions
  • send customer details from IBM i based solution to external Customer Data Platform

Product features:

  • Non-intrusive low system impact change detection leveraging IBM i journals
  • Easy setup and configuration, auto-creation of all required components such as data queues, format tables, and flow definitions
  • Ability to configure tables and individual columns to replicate
  • Auto-detect primary keys and unique keys and let users define custom keys for legacy files
  • Listen for changes in specific columns and ignore irrelevant changes
  • Support for both commitment control (commits/rollbacks) and auto-commit changes
  • Data Queue messages align with the IBM i Format Table data structure, passing the data in a compact, easy-to-deserialize, binary format.
  • Automatic type translation by Infoview Kafka and Mulesoft connectors
  • Support is provided by the same product engineering team that develops and maintains the product, ensuring fast response and resolution.

How does it work?

The product leverages IBM i DB2 journals to receive database changes and determine if they have to be sent to external clients or not based on the filtering rules. The changes are streamed via IBM i Data Queues – native lightweight messaging queues. Therefore, the infoCDC would in most cases be used in conjunction with our Kafka or MuleSoft or the upcoming AWS or Azure connectors. These connectors would be configured to continuously listen for new data queue entries and process that change based on the requirements.

Shout out to our Product Engineering team, partners, and customers participating in early adoption program!

Contact us to schedule a live demo or request a trial license. For more information check out our iInfoCDC product page and review Product Documentation