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Infoview Systems is pleased to share our release of the infoConnect for MuleSoft version 2.5.0. further evolving this mature and solid product initially released in 2015. Our customers around the globe leverage the product to implement lightweight, simple and fast IBM i integration solutions.   

Below you can read an overview of the developer-friendly addons in this release: 

  • Better control over setting the library list at the connection level, adding custom libraries at the top or bottom of the library list, or replacing with a custom library list.  
  • Ability to set the library list at the individual program call level. This feature is useful when the IBM i application is segmented into multiple “environments” or “tenants”, with each environment associated with a specific library list. This feature provides a common API that includes an environment or tenant ID, allowing to set the library list and execute business logic within the desired environment.  
  • Ability to request the connection information (IBM i job details, library list etc.) returning the results to Mule flow for program call and DQ operations 


Kudos to our Product Engineering team and the MuleSoft Partner Certification folks for all the hard work!  

For any requests or questions regarding the infoConnect for MuleSoft contact us at: 

You can also find more information through the links below: 

infoConnect for MuleSoft    Download the infoConnect on MuleSoft Exchange

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