Legacy modernization journey often requires continuous transformation of critical back-end systems with the goal to reduce IT ecosystem complexities and costs, increase data consistency, streamline collaboration across teams and platforms, improve process flexibility and efficiency. The Manufacturers increasingly turn to “Smart Factory” technologies that optimize the production processes and blur the lines between the “digital” and the world of shop floor reality. The success of implementations heavily depends on ability of the core applications to provide and consume the key data in near real time. Companies running on legacy application stacks and platforms such as IBM i (AS400) are often faced with a choice: integrate and modernize the existing back-end applications, or migrate to new systems. This is a critical decision that has a lasting impact on company’s ability to adapt to ever changing market conditions.

In many cases companies take a middle road, migrating non-differentiating generic components, while retaining and modernizing their critical line of business applications. There are several modernization headwinds that must be identified and addressed upfront for the successful outcome. Comprehensive Enterprise integration and API architecture greatly complements a successful modernization strategy, reduces the risks and provides a blueprint for connecting the enterprise systems while maximizing reuse and self-service.

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With our unique IBM i (AS400) and Mulesoft technology niche and AS400 Gateway product line, we help manufacturing companies bridge the gap between legacy and modern, develop Legacy Modernization strategy and sound Enterprise Integration Architecture that serves as a foundation for purposely evolving the Line of Business legacy applications. We work with our customer teams to rapidly connect their legacy systems to Smart Factory solutions and other platforms.

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