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What are your strategic goals?

?While businesses may have strategic imperatives to build rich mobile applications, move services to the cloud or simply reduce long-term costs by modernizing existing assets, the information enabling these initiatives; namely data and businesses processes, is tied up in legacy systems.  The smart enterprise is meeting this challenge head-on by connecting legacy systems with today's explosion of applications, data, partners and customers to create a seamless, high performing organization.

There are three common solutions for approaching the challenges posed by legacy systems:

  • Let it be - When a system is both high quality and high business value, it's best to continue using it as normal
  • Replace it - Low quality, low business value systems are best excised wholly from the organization
  • Modernize it - This approach may range from simple, noninvasive changes that enable Web functionality to full bore migration to other languages and platforms.  Systems that are low quality but high business value are typically expensive to maintain and should be modernized.

No component of a modernization effort is more important that the integration platform; which enables organizations to expose legacy systems as services and make them available for use in new, or modern applications.

The most common trap organizations fall into is selecting an over-engineered solution for legacy modernization.  More often than not, these solutions are accompanied by large consulting projects.  Rather than modernizing a single or small number of legacy systems, these projects entail adopting an entirely new business architecture.  Once the project is completed the company's development team requires substantial retraining on the new architecture.  These developers have to throw out their existing tools, processes, and skillsets and be heavily retrained to the new solution; resulting in high upfront costs and multi-year rollouts.

Many integration solutions fail to account for the future needs of the business.  For example, many have poor or no support for emerging SaaS applications or API initiatives so failure to select a solution that can enable legacy modernization as well as enterprise mobility on a single platform limits future flexibility.  When done properly, with the fight integration platform and the right design, legacy modernization can offer impressive results with minimal impact on the business processes delivered by the legacy systems.

Unlock legacy systems to gain competitive advantage with MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Platform is the world's leading integration platform.  It's especially well suited for legacy modernization, allowing enterprises to get up and running quickly, while providing a framework to meet future integration needs.   Whether you're modernizing a mainframe application, a custom application built in-house, or any other legacy system, Anypoint Platform provides a clear and easy path to modernization.

With Anypoint Platform, enterprises can:

  • Expose and integrate legacy systems as services to leverage current IT investments
  • Address immediate integration challenges while establishing a backbone for future SaaS and API initiatives
  • Maximize developer utilization

Anypoint Platform enables organizations to rapidly build applications that utilize legacy systems while supporting emerging technologies and business processes.  By eliminating the need for expensive legacy system replacements,organizations can unlock the value of their existing investments to gain competitive advantage.  Furthermore, unlike alternatives, MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform can be rapidly deployed and is easily understood by developers with little retraining.

By Utilizing Anypoint Platform as a communication layer valuable information that would otherwise be sealed within legacy systems can be exposed to new applications rapidly and effectively.  Compared to alternatives such as rip-and-replace, continued isolation, or massive SOA projects, organizations adopting Anypoint Platform achieve faster time to ROI, lower risk, and better employee utilization. 

IBM AS/400 connector for MuleSoft

Certified connector simplifies integration

Infoview Systems development of the IBM AS/400 connector for MuleSoft addresses the necessity for this untapped market. Together with Infoview Systems IBM AS/400 Web Transaction Framework, integration on the IBM AS/400 has never been simpler.

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