“Innovation” and “award-winning” must be two of the most overused marketing buzzwords – and yet there we were in early February, entering our company for a nomination precisely in this category, hoping to add “award winning” prefix to our “innovative” products and services. Somehow it felt a bit too dramatic. It is true that our AS400 Gateway family of products, and niche integration and legacy modernization services help companies preserve the investment in their Systems of Records, and enable features faster. But is it a completely new approach and something that has never been done before?

Companies must constantly come up with new customer experiences. Established enterprises running their core systems of records on legacy platforms realize the benefits of stable, secure, and time-tested applications. This often comes at a cost – the legacy systems tend to be harder to change and integrate, which might slow down companies’ innovation initiatives. Infoview’s AS400 Gateway is a family of niche products that help customers rapidly connect their legacy applications to the engagement channels.

Most companies with mature enterprise integration architecture and practice operate on a variety of middleware platforms that provide out of the box connectivity to multiple SaaS and on-prem applications. The AS400 Gateway is delivered as an integration platform connector, and is currently available on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. The 2021 product roadmap expands the AS400 Gateway to Confluent Kafka Connect ecosystem, as well as AWS and Azure stacks.

The main motivation behind the AS400 Gateway is to provide a clean separation of duties between legacy and integration teams, enable non-IBM i (AS400) integration developers to easily unlock the back-end business logic and data from the comforts of their modern integration development stack.

While the rationale for creating the AS400 Gateway has always been to democratize the access to legacy systems for non-IBM i specialists, the high complexity of these Systems of Record often requires a tailored integration and modernization approach. Our professional services team occupies a unique technology niche, delivering comprehensive integration solutions for IBM i (AS400) shops, with most of our architects and developers fluent in both modern integration stacks such as MuleSoft, AWS, Azure and Kafka, and legacy IBM i (AS400) platforms.

As you can see, our product and services do not seem to pass the “disruptive innovation” test. No break-throughs, global hunger solutions or cure of deadly diseases. We deliver humble niche products and services that simplify and accelerate the boring and time-consuming plumbing work that nobody is excited about but it has to be done. Our contribution to innovation is this: by reducing the complexity and simplifying the integrations, we help our customers refocus their attention and resources on true innovation (and surrounding marketing buzz).