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With the first anniversary of Infoview Systems infoConnect for Kafka release approaching, Infoview System Inc. is delighted to publish the first update of the connector. Version 1.1.0. This inaugural update focuses on adding additional features, bug fixes, as well as a new externalized license feature.

infoConnect for Kafka version 1.1.0 changes: 

New Features: 

  • Externalized license: This update adds more flexibility to license file locations and will enable users to place the license key in any of the locations from which it can be accessed via the following protocol: 
  • Provides more control over Library list management and supports program call timeouts for the Call Sink operation 

Bug Fixes: 

  • More accurate schema generation when using data queue format files
  • Fix on S3 license validation
  • Changes to pom.xml, license path retrieval code refactoring

Big thank you to our product engineer team for constructing the first update for the infoConnect for Kafka, and we are looking forward to sharing all future updates with you as well! 

Contact us with any requests or questions surrounding the infoConnect for Kafka at:

Use the links below to find additional information about the infoConnect for Confluent: 

Download the infoConnect for Kafka on the Confluent Hub:

Product demos, support, and inquiries: