2023 Year in Review: Infoview Systems

As the year wraps up, we are excited to reflect on the many changes, developments, and exciting opportunities our team has been involved with.

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COMMON India: New beginnings

As COMMON’s North American Chapter continued to establish itself as a global advocate for the IBM i platform, we had the opportunity to collaborate and kickoff the establishment of COMMON India with a three-part webinar series. This engaging series featured IBM i industry experts Tim Rowe, Dawn May, and Simon Hutchinson, as well as our very own Satya Sekhar Das Mandal.

The speakers delved into many relevant topics such as modern application development trends, spool file tricks, and the roadmap for COMMON India.

To watch any of the webinars from this series, users can sign up with COMMON and then register.

Future Proofing IBM i (AS400): How Integrations can make or break modernization initiatives

Regardless of if an IBM i centric team plans to modernize on, migrate away, or open up their IBM i system to the ever-changing world, integrations will play a key role!

We collaborated with our friends over at MuleSoft for a session focused around modernization drivers, challenges, and opportunities for teams seeking to integrate their IBM i (AS400) based systems with API management middleware solutions.

MuleSoft Webinar on Future Proofing AS400-Future image

With a focus on making IBM i integrations as hassle-free as possible, we reviewed the most common “modernization” paths we’ve observed in the field and walked through a bi-directional demo including popular use cases such as APIs, event-streams, and process automation.

If you missed it, feel free to check out our blog for the highlights and key takeaways.

Infoview Conference Highlight - MuleDreamin2023

Global Travels, Events, and Get-Togethers

Over the past year, we embarked on a series of events including IBM i, MuleSoft, and Salesforce gatherings across the Middle East, North America, and Europe, offering valuable insights into integration innovations and industry trends.
Among the highlights was the MuleDreamin Conference 2023, featuring over 500 attendees, industry leaders, insightful talks, delicious food, and a musical finale.

Another memorable event was Common Prague, our first time attending an event hosted by COMMON’s European chapter. It was a pleasure networking with like-minded individuals, IBM i enthusiasts as well as sampling the local cuisine!
Prague Common Conference 2023
We've re-branded- AS400Gateway to infoConnect

Product Suite Re-Brand and Expansion

The IBM i (AS/400) plays a key role in the products, services, and business challenges we help solve for the customers and partners we work with. As the AS400Gateway product family continued to empower new customers and support existing partners, we felt it was time to switch directions and re-name the product to infoConnect, to reflect our dedication to innovation and seamless integrations.

We introduced the infoConnect Hub, a purpose-built, standalone solution deployable on various platforms without specialized middleware, facilitating the exposure of IBM i business logic as standards-based REST APIs. Our first open-source product, infoRPA, simplifies green screen navigation processes and can serve as a standalone or complementary tool to more complex RPA solutions.

Product Updates

Feedback from prospective and existing customers plays a big role in the improvements we make to our integration tools. Throughout the past year, we continued to work with IBM i and integration professionals globally to improve our infoConnect suite.

We improved InfoCDC with guaranteed delivery and reconciliation features, acknowledged retries, and timeouts to ensure guaranteed delivery. Additionally, the product now supports DB2 tables with a very large number of columns. Furthermore, our infoConnect for MuleSoft connector now includes support for foreign characters, including DBCS.

2023 Year in Review - Product Updates

CSR Activities

InfoCare Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Infoview Systems India Pvt Ltd, organized a CSR event in Hyderabad, India, on July 1, 2023, bringing employees and volunteers together to support meaningful causes, including distributing food and gifts to orphaned children.

Thank you for being a part of Infoview Systems exciting and successful year!
We look forward to the new year!
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