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Influencing the growth of local companies

Twenty-eight years of business has given our team the opportunity to work with an assortment of companies, from mom-and-pop shops here in Metro Detroit to huge multinationals. Through these experiences, we’ve formed new friendships, been introduced to new cultures, and most importantly, the perspective of the clients we work with.  

Our MSP team works extensively with small and medium companies, managing their on-prem servers and networks, assisting with cloud services, and protecting their IT assets from security threats. While it’s true that substantial service contracts with large-scale corporations tend to be the more profitable and provide better expansion opportunities, we feel the benefits span far beyond the profits alone.  

Quick advancements are wonderful, yet new problems can arise

Just like the larger companies, SMBs must stay competitive, keep up with growing demand, offer ever-improving customer experiences, and optimize operational costs. The smaller businesses, however, often lack internal skills and are constrained by modest budgets to operate and evolve their infrastructure and application stacks.  Problems can arise from a variety of locations from leveraging dated equipment, software with warranties that are no longer supported, as well as current infrastructure which was once acceptable can no longer support current initiatives and is now a liability. To overcome these setbacks, small companies turn to assistance from IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Outside help brings a new perspective and skillset the client may not have had before, allowing them to stay mission-focused on other initiatives without experiencing drawbacks due to gaps in their thinly stretched or non-existent internal IT department. 

Individualized IT Help

One of the most satisfying aspects of working with small businesses here in the metro Detroit community is realizing how unique each company is, every client has their own problems, goals, and needs. When working with small business teams, it takes time to create the best plan of action and there needs to be an understanding of the budget available. Due to this, we’ve learned to approach these engagements with patience and tailor each partnership to best suit the clients’ needs on a personal level. Although a client may have many projects in their pipeline, it’s important to take the time and devise a plan around which needs are the most time-sensitive as well as which are most likely to impact daily operations. No two clients will have the same solution or the same contract.

Of course, there are also quite a few similarities and common pain points our customers face. As an offshoot of delivering IT solutions for more than 25 years, we’ve developed playbooks and templates based on emerging patterns and common solutions. This combination of continuously capturing and applying the knowledge obtained in earlier projects to future initiatives, while recognizing the unique perspectives, pain points and opportunities our customers face, makes our team very efficient while avoiding the “one size fits all” approach more typical with many MSPs.

Small businesses play a key role in the local economy and we’re here to help

Having worked with 80+ businesses in a variety of sizes and industries including manufacturing, retail and distribution, healthcare, and waste management services, we have had the opportunity to connect with numerous small businesses. As a service provider, Infoview recognizes the key roles SMBs play in the local community. Small businesses support families and individuals of all ages and ethnicities, helping form the foundations of the community with a sense of uniqueness larger sized businesses often lack.

By partnering with small businesses, we have created many close relationships which often carry on long after the project engagement ends and continues to this day. Working with client teams on a personal level daily, has helped us understand the needs of both their business and team, and has helped us create a personalized pathway to keep them on pace with innovation, evolve to address future business challenges, and ensure day-to-day mission critical operations can be carried out without impacting their bottom line. These benefits provide businesses with the opportunity to scale to meet demand, ensure the overall well-being of their employees is being met and remains profitable.

While Infoview’s MSP practice continues to grow, we have made a commitment to support local businesses. Infoview recognizes the importance IT service companies bring to small businesses even if the profit potential isn’t substantial. Without service companies, it can become difficult for small businesses to stay up and running, therefore by supporting these companies we are also providing opportunities for communal growth.

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